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Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Artists and Creatives in 2023

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

It can be so hard to find just the right gift for the creative in your life. Let me make your 2023 Holiday Shopping just a little bit easier with some of the things I would be super excited to receive this year. I've placed them in order from most expensive to least expensive so that everyone can find gifts in their price range.

Apple Products

A fan of the new M3 iMac in blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and silver

Most designers use Apple products because they are the most intuitive and responsive for the tasks and apps they use them for. And with the ability to seamlessly transfer files between devices with AirDrop, Apple products are the most convenient for people who work across a variety of Apple devices. Apple has been releasing new products with their new M3 chip as the holidays approach and the new iMac looks dreamy. If your creative works with Adobe products or Procreate on the go, you can't go wrong with the iPad Pro. But design products on an iPad are virtually useless without the addition of an Apple Pencil, and they just released a new one for 2023 that allows for USB-C charging. Take my word for it, any old stylus just doesn't compare.

Adobe Subscription

The periodic table of Adobe products

The gold-standard in the design industry, Adobe products are hard to live without for someone who creates digitally; including photographers, graphic designers, surface pattern designers, videographers, the list goes on and one. An Adobe subscription can be cost prohibitive for designers that are just starting out, so spoil them with this incredible gift.

Peg and Awl

As a librarian by day, I first found out about Peg and Awl when one of their cofounders, Margaux Kent illustrated a Lemony Snicket (yes, that Lemony Snicket) book called

The Sendak artist roll in military green waxed canvas loaded with pens and pencils

Poison for Breakfast back in 2021. I have been in awe of their stunning offerings ever since I laid eyes on them. The Sendak Artist Roll is one of their most popular items and every artist would be over the moon to have one. Made from 10 oz. waxed duck canvas, with a beautiful leather strap, and enough space to at least 16 pens/pencils and tons of odds and ends in the 7 pockets. This artist roll was made for those that create on the go. You can purchase The Sendak here, but don't skip on checking out all that they have to offer.

Uppercase Magazine Subscription and Books

Uppercase Surface Design Pattern Guide

Uppercase Magazine and it's fellow publications like the Encyclopedia if Inspiration, are put out by one-woman-powerhouse Janine Vangool. These publications showcase artists and their work with a goal of inspiring the reader to create. I am always so inspired when I receive my copy, it's hard not to jump right into creating! The Uppercase family of publications gives voice to artists and art from all walks of life and across the gamut of mediums. It's always a surprise to see what new creations are featured. Uppercase Magazine also has a dedicated issue to surface pattern design in the spring, and it's always so lovely to see my fellow designers in print. Purchase a subscription to the magazine here; but be sure to check out The Encyclopedia of Inspiration and Jenine's other collections.

Skillshare Membership

Skillshare Logo

I am a self taught artist who has developed my skills from both hard work and by taking classes from industry leaders. One of my favorite places to learn is Skillshare. They offer so much value for the money. Members can access 100s of teachers on all kinds of creative subjects from drawing, painting, pattern making, Adobe products the list goes on and on. Skillshare recently added a month-to-month model in addition to their annual premium membership plan. To sign up or check out the most current prices, click here. The gift of Skillshare is perfect for any artist or hobbyist looking to expand their skills.

Sugarhouse Ceramic Co.

Sugarhouse Ceramics Company Paint Pans and Brushes

Another shop that I can't choose just one thing from is Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. Potters Natasha and Brett hail from Nova Scotia, Canada, and everything they make is so gorgeous. I have palettes and pots on my mind, but I would love to receive anything from them. Everything they create exudes modern charm, with a dash of bohemian whimsy. They even released a cache of holiday ornaments that include cute little micro palettes! American shoppers, make sure to order early so your gifts arrive on time--those parcels have to make it through customs.

WHO I AM Collection by Lisa Vanstone Designs

Black woman in white hoodie that reads "artist" on the front

This is a shameless plug for the clothing collection that I just released in November 2023. Artists love supporting artists, I know I do. I believe in artists stepping into their power, and telling the world who they are, which is why I created this collection. To literally wear our title of "artist" loud and proud. The arts matter, and we should be screaming it from the rooftops, or at least wearing it on our shirts. You can check out the collection here.

Procreate Dreams

Person holding an iPad featuring Procreate Dreams

From the brilliant minds at Procreate, the app that lets you seamlessly illustrate and design on the iPad, comes their new animation app Procreate Dreams. This highly anticipated release has been on my calendar for months and I cannot wait to easily animate my illustrations. Everyone in the design community that has been privy to a preview is in agreement, this app is a gamechanger for artists. With an expected release of November 22, 2023, Thanksgiving got a whole lot more exciting this year. You can purchase the app in the Apple App Store, here.

St. Louis Art Supply

St. Louis Art Supply Gift Card with three logos in green, orange, and purple

St. Louis Art Supply is one of the best kept secrets in the art community if you ask me. They have something for everyone, at a price point for every budget as well. They have some of the cutest, coolest, most hard-to-find and most useful products for artists and INCREDIBLE customer service. Because I can't pick just one thing (I'm telling you, this store is amazing) here is their 2023 Holiday Gift Guide. You can also just making it easy gifting, the let the recipient choose what they'd like with a gift card.

Blick Art and Materials

Blick Logo on Paint Splatter

Blick (formerly Dick Blick) is probably the most well-known art supply stores in the country. Chances are you have local location near (or somewhat near) you, and if not the breadth of supplies they carry online is second to none. If you order a catalog, you'll likely be overwhelmed by all that they offer. They do have a dedicated gift guide to make shopping a little less daunting. With very competitive prices, you can be sure you're getting a good deal, and if you register for a free customer account in-store, they'll even match the in-store pricing with what you find on the website (read: cheaper). If you don't know what to purchase or are overwhelmed by all the options, I'm sure the person you're gifting to would be perfectly content with a gift card so they can get exactly what they need.

**All of these reviews are based upon my own experience with the products and companies mentioned. I have not been compensated in any way.**

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